People's Summer 2018

This summer will be historic. Join us.

This is the People's Summer

Today in Michigan, too many people are struggling. The high costs of healthcare are a burden to most of our families. The rights of workers are under attack. Our roads and our public schools are crumbling. And the people of Flint still do not have clean water. Politicians in Lansing have put corporate profits over people’s lives for too long.

But this summer, we’re building a grassroots movement to change that. The only way we can create a Michigan that works for all of us, not just the millionaires and the corporations, is if thousands of us come together and organize for our future. Join us.

Meet Abdul

Abdul El-Sayed is a doctor running for Governor as a progressive Democrat. As Detroit’s Public Health Director, Abdul rebuilt the city’s health system after it was shut down by Rick Snyder’s emergency managers, stood up to corporate polluters, and checked every school building for lead in the water. Abdul is running a grassroots campaign without a dime of corporate money. As Governor, Abdul will enact Medicare for all universal healthcare in Michigan, raise the minimum wage to $15, ensure clean water for all, and rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

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